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About Vaiva

Vaiva graduated from the Kingston University accredited, College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree, in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Five Elements Acupuncture.

She is a fully insured member of the British Acupuncture Council, the leading body for the practice of Traditional Acupuncture in the UK, and adheres to the highest standards of professional code of conduct and safe practice.

Acupuncture Warminster - Vaiva Minceviciute
Vaiva Minceviciute BSc (Hons) LicAc MBAcC

What to expect

To experience a sustained positive outcome from acupuncture treatment, it is often (but not always) advisable to attend a course of ten separate sessions.
At the beginning of treatment, it may be advantageous to attend weekly visits, creating a good momentum for moving the Qi and facilitating change. Following this, depending on the depth of the condition to be addressed, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly treatments may be beneficial.

An initial consultation usually lasts from one to one and a half hours. During this time questions are asked to ascertain the main complaint, current state of overall health, full medical history and any family predispositions and in most cases, an initial treatment will be performed. Subsequent appointments last for 50 minutes, consisting of a brief consultation and follow-up treatment.

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